Kate Duchess Cambridge engagement day hair The Duchess of Cambridge’s trademark shiny locks made brunettes a hit again. Photo: BeautyEditor.ca

Sources at Clarence House confirmed today that the Duchess of Cambridge plans to cut her hair short as part of her charitable work.

Speaking off the record, royal aides explained that the Duchess felt too much media attention had been focused on her long hair, and she was embarrassed when news leaked about the cost of her elaborate hairdressing appointments.

The Duchess was reportedly also miffed when one royal blogger questioned the glossiness of her hair when compared to an equine actor.

A chin-length bob is the likely style, and locks of the Duchess’s hair will be auctioned off at a later date as a benefit for The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

The charity auction will coincide with an official rebranding of the organization as The Foundation of Prince William, Prince Harry, Duchess Catherine, and Possibly Chelsy.


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Happy April Fool’s Day!


Princess Charlene got mixed reviews on the red carpet at tonight’s Oscars. She played her fashion trump card, Queen of Neutrals, in a cream and nude Akris gown.

princess charlene prince albert monaco oscars academy awards akris

Their Serene Highnesses on the red carpet at the Oscars. Photo: Getty

Do you think she deserves the Oscar for Best Costume Design? I think she takes it away for Best Supporting Actress.

It’s hard enough for any woman to decide what to wear to the Oscars. How about if your mother-in-law, of fond memory, was an Oscar-winning actress? You can’t choose a dress that looks like anything she wore on screen or to the Academy Awards.

Princess Charlene walked the 21st century walk and sidestepped any comparison with the late Princess Grace, formerly 1955 Best Actress winner Grace Kelly.

grace kelly 1955 oscar best actress princess grace

Grace Kelly wore an Edith Head gown when she won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1955. Photo: Zuma


Princess Charlene’s earrings are from Montblanc, according to tweets  from The Royal Couturier. Montblanc currently has a collection in honor of Princess Grace. Backstory on that here.

princess charlene monaco academy awards oscars akris montblanc

Princess Charlene of Monaco at the 2012 Academy Awards. Photo: AFP

So was Charlene’s updo an homage to Princess Grace? It really reminded me of another Grace, altogether.


grace jones

Grace Jones!

* Grace Jones is still rocking.


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Black lace is on tap for royal damsels.

Twitter went wild when Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge sashayed up the red carpet today in a black lace Alice Temperley dress. As you’ll recall, Temperley was touted as a possible wedding gown designer for the Duchess.

prince william catherine kate cambridge black lace war horse

Prince William and Catherine, all black and white and elegant on the red carpet. Umbrella is an homage to the Queen Mother's favorite style. Photo: Mirror

The red carpet was for the British premiere of the new movie, War Horse, a benefit for The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Sultan, one of the equine film stars who played Joey, calmly made his way down the red carpet through the rain. Met by War Horse director Steven Spielberg, Sultan/Joey was all smiles and looked magnificent.

spielberg joey war horse london royal premiere

Steven Spielberg and Sultan/Joey sharing a joke. Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Daily Mail

Which raises the question — whose chestnut hair was glossier on the red carpet? Kate’s or Sultan/Joey’s? Cast your vote in the comments, please. I’m on the fence.

It’s The Year of Black Lace in Princessland.

princess charlene monaco black lace christian dior

Princess Charlene of Monaco is all lacy loveliness. Photo: Celebrity Gossip

Princess Charlene of Monaco was lissome in lace too, when she wore Christian Dior to a recent charity dinner with Prince Albert in New York.

Although it’s not the best shot of her, Princess Caroline of Hanover wore black lace to the wedding reception for her brother Prince Albert and his bride, Charlene.

princess caroline black lace monaco royal wedding 2011

Princess Caroline at the Monaco Royal Wedding reception. Seems her priestly companion is not wowed by the dress. Photo: EPA

Is The Black Lace Princess look working for you? How do you compare it to The Red Lace Princess dresses?

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queen elizabeth playing cards diamond jubillee

Queen Elizabeth is a card and she has to be dealt with.

A tip of the tiara to the Victoria & Albert Museum and their clever souvenirs of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. The museum staff went way beyond commemorative china when they stocked the gift shop in preparation for the exhibit of Cecil Beaton photos of Her Majesty.

queen elizabeth diamond jubilee cecil beaton playing cards souvenirs

Between card games display the box as a Diamond Jubilee tribute.

The playing cards are covered with Beaton’s images of The Queen, and for an extra fillip the suits have been converted to red and black corgis and crowns.

queen elizabeth playing cards game crowns and corgis diamond jubilee souvenir

Crowns & Corgis will be an instant classic from castles to cottages -- on both sides of The Pond.

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All images courtesy of the V&A


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