Prince Albert of Monaco takes the gold in wedding prep

May 30, 2011

In all these decades of waiting for the right girl, Prince Albert may have been a Secret Wedding Planner. How else to explain the seamless and tasteful wedding preparations in Monaco?

I bet the Prince has been jotting down wedding notes over the years. Perhaps there’s something to be said for an Older Groom?

Part of the package in royal weddings, and something that almost no one does right, are the commemorative coins. Albert gets 10 out of 10 for choosing an excellent artist. The profiles of Albert and Charlene are accurate, flattering and regal. Don’t you agree?

commemorative wedding coin 2011 monaco wedding prince albert charlene

Denoted a Token Remembrance, not a coin, it enhances Monaco’s new moniker as “the Principality of Romance.”

The crowned head of Monaco succeeded, when other monarchies flopped.

WARNING: Painful illustrations follow. Do not view if you are prone to depression.

prince william catherine kate engagement commemorative coin Photo: Royal Mint

Who is that puffy faced, engaged couple? And is his Adam’s apple really that big? No wonder Granny looks grim. Did the Royal Mint do better with the Wedding coin?

prince william catherine kate wedding commemorative coin Photo: Royal Mint

Nope. William’s parents didn’t fare so well either.

prince charles lady diana commemorative wedding coin

The Prince and Princess of Noses, with matching haircuts. Maybe the Spaniards have a way with commemorative coin art?

felipe letizia spain wedding commemorative coin

Apparently Prince Felipe and his bride had a terrible fright.

Monaco does not have a lock on good commemorative coins. Look what happened to Prince Albert’s parents for their tenth wedding anniversary.

princess grace prince rainier 10th wedding commemorative coin

“The role of the Prince of Monaco is being played tonight by Omar Sharif, with Lillian Gish as the Princess.”

Prince Albert for Team Monaco wins in the royal coin competition. Next up, the royal wedding menu competition.

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Court Jester December 3, 2011 at 10:13 am

Judy asked where to purchase the Token Remembrance of TRH Prince Albert & Princess Charlene. Here is the link


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