Royal wedding fashion train-wreck, and only 5 days to go

April 25, 2011

royal wedding meltdown sophie countess wessex bruce oldfield Photo: Exclusive Pics, Daily Mail

What happened to the legendary British reserve and stiff-upper-lip? The females in the royal wedding are freaking out over fashion — in public!

Here’s the state of play on Day 5 in the Royal Wedding Fashion Countdown:

* Prince William’s aunt, Sophie Wessex, throws a hissy fit IN THE STREET outside the atelier of couturier Bruce Oldfield. Her daughter Lady Louise Windsor, will be a flower girl in the wedding.

If you’re late to the Royal Wedding Watching Party, Sophie is married to Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son, Prince Edward.

And Sophie used to run a PR firm. As in, she should know better.

Let’s hope Sophie is having a cooling glass of something and will show up on Royal Wedding Day in one of her usual monochrome-dress-plus-wacky-hat combos.

Note to Kate Middleton: Don’t yell at the protection officers. They are not your servants; they’re actually the bosses of your physical safety. And the taxpayers bankroll their salaries.

* Mother of the bride, Carole Middleton, is

a) still shopping for her wedding clothes, and

b) in a public brawl with one dress designer and one milliner.

Brawling with a milliner. Don’t you love the 19th century sound of that? Hat pins at dawn!

Biggest disappointment in all this (besides the fact that Carole “let the side down” for all us non-aristocrats) is that the dissed dress designer is Lindka Cierach, creator of the really lovely wedding gown for Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

duke and duchess of york wedding westminster abbey

I bet Lindka came up with something elegant for the Mother of the Bride. Or maybe she stuck a clonking big bow on the back again, and that’s why Carole was upset.

Not too late to take my fashion advice, Carole. I did everything but draw you a diagram.

* Windsor Easter Sunday fashion-train-wreck (as usual — it will be news when someone besides the Queen looks good).

princess beatrice princess eugenie easter sunday windsor Photo AP, Daily Mail

I’m sure they’re perfectly nice girls. Well, I’m not sure, but for the Queen’s sake, I hope so. Her granddaughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, look clean and healthy. We’ll leave it at that, shall we?

Fingers crossed they do better at their cousin’s wedding.

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Angela May 2, 2011 at 11:13 am

Errrm, too bad they didn’t. I’m kind of glad they didn’t because, we wouldn’t have anything to pick on the next day.
Long live Princess Beatrice’s crazy fascinator!


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