Queen Elizabeth and her birthday horse, Burmese

April 21, 2011

Queen Elizabeth and Burmese in 1986. AP photo.

For 17 years Queen Elizabeth rode sidesaddle to her birthday parade, Trooping the Colour, on her horse Burmese.

How would you like to have “must be able to ride sidesaddle” in your job description?

The Queen and Burmese practiced each year in the gardens at Buckingham Palace. They survived some unseasonably hot parade days, and even being shot at.

When Burmese retired, the Queen changed over to an open carriage for the parade (a la Queen Victoria) and Burmese moved to Windsor Castle’s Great Park.

Today is the Queen’s birthday. Wishing Her Majesty many happy returns!

The birthday parade will not take place until next month. Don’t ask. It’s one of those British things.


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Court Jester April 23, 2012 at 6:55 pm

Priscilla, I think she’d appreciate a card from you, especially since you share a birthday — especially a card with a good-looking horse on it. It is well established that she enjoys receiving Christmas cards and displays them in her office on wooden racks all through the holiday season. Long may you reign and ride, Priscilla!


Priscilla April 23, 2012 at 10:12 am

I have the same birthday as the Queen and always wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday from a fellow horselover!


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