Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie are free of their minders

May 7, 2011

News today that the princesses have lost their bodyguards. No, they didn’t give them the slip.

princess eugenie leaving nightclub protection officers Photo: The Sun/Xposure

Someone with a grain of sense at the Metropolitan Police decided that half a million pounds a year was a bit steep for, basically, escorting two princesses out of nightclubs. So the girls will no longer have protection officers dogging their stilettoed footsteps.

Prince Andrew is reportedly peeved.

It’s unclear whether Andrew’s reaction is paternal concern — or thwarted dynastic ambition to have Their Royal Highnesses continue on in an exalted state, culminating in lives of Royal Duty and Civil List compensation.

Apparently, that is not to be.

My theory? It wuz the hats what done it. Even Scotland Yard can only take so much.

princess beatrice eugenie royal wedding bad hats Photo: Daily Mail/EPA

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