Queen Elizabeth’s royal card trick

January 2, 2012

queen elizabeth playing cards diamond jubillee

Queen Elizabeth is a card and she has to be dealt with.

A tip of the tiara to the Victoria & Albert Museum and their clever souvenirs of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. The museum staff went way beyond commemorative china when they stocked the gift shop in preparation for the exhibit of Cecil Beaton photos of Her Majesty.

queen elizabeth diamond jubilee cecil beaton playing cards souvenirs

Between card games display the box as a Diamond Jubilee tribute.

The playing cards are covered with Beaton’s images of The Queen, and for an extra fillip the suits have been converted to red and black corgis and crowns.

queen elizabeth playing cards game crowns and corgis diamond jubilee souvenir

Crowns & Corgis will be an instant classic from castles to cottages -- on both sides of The Pond.

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All images courtesy of the V&A

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