Body language check — pregnancy watch on Duchess Catherine and Princess Charlene

November 6, 2011

Interesting pose, non?

Duchess and Duke of Cambridge in Denmark, N0vember 2011. Photo: Getty Images

Then add in the Duchess’ refusal to taste the peanut paste she was packing to send to children in Africa….

It’s a tricky job, being a royal; upside is you get to wear a tiara and live in a palace, downside is you have to eat (with good grace) every odd food in the world.

Catherine seems determined to be a trouper so this peanuttiness is significant. Would-be Mums now avoid peanuts during their pregnancies so their children won’t pick up peanut allergies.

"You go ahead William, I'll pass on the peanut paste." Photo: Reuters

But what of the princely couple from Monaco? Still not serene, with the newlyweds continuing to assert that stories about a pre-marital rift in their lute were just ugly rumors.

Umm, that would be easier to believe if the Palais Princier hadn’t issued a press release on the evening of the religious wedding ceremony stating that Prince Albert had agreed to take a paternity test. They should just drop the subject.

Of course we wish them well and they do look comfortable together at the North American events for the Princess Grace Foundation. Is that a special glow in Charlene’s cheek? Is there a reason for her pose or are her hands simply over-burdened? We’re starting to crochet booties, just in case.

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert in North America for the Princess Grace Foundation. We're hoping the mother and child photo in the background is an omen. Photo: Palais Princier.

Saludos to all of them for good health, and happiness in their royal rounds. Tune in next time for another episode of As the Royal Waistline Expands, followed of course by All My Children.

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leticia matthews November 30, 2011 at 1:31 pm

i am sure that weather or not the duchess of cambridge is preganant , the world will have to wait ansd see. when the palace does release the announcement that in fact she is with child everyone i am sure will be happy for the royal couple. children are truely a blessing and i know they will be great parents.


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