Royal hats at Ascot 2011 — “I have never been so keyed up”

June 16, 2011

Ascot = Hats. Add the Royal Enclosure and you’ve almost got the Ascot Gavotte scene from My Fair Lady. No Cecil Beaton around to design clothes and hats in 2011, so this is what the Windsors came up with.

sophie wessex ascot hat 2011

Is this flying saucer proof the royals are extra-terrestials? Sophie, Countess of Wessex followed by Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex in a tame top hat. Photo: Justin Goff/Daily Mail

Ev’ry duke and earl and peer is here.
Ev’ryone who should be here is here.
What a smashing, positively dashing
Spectacle: the Ascot op’ning day.

At the gate are all the horses
Waiting for the cue to fly away.
What a gripping, absolutely ripping
Moment at the Ascot op’ning day.

Pulses rushing! Faces flushing!
Heartbeats speed up! I have never been so keyed up!
Any second now
They’ll begin to run. Hark!
A bell is ringing,
They are springing
It has begun…!

What a frenzied moment that was!
Didn’t they maintain an exhausting pace?
‘Twas a thrilling, absolutely chilling
Running of theĀ Ascot op’ning race.

Ascot Gavotte lyrics by Alay Jay Lerner

eugenie beatrice ascot hats 2011

The Princess Pair back again. Beatrice looks quite sharp as she and Eugenie play it safe with the headgear. No photoshopped Disney characters today. Photo: Alpha Press/Daily Mail

queen elizabeth opening day ascot 2011

A Royal Mint on Ascot's Opening Day. Photo: PA/Daily Mail

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are Cutest Couple at ages 85 and 90 on Ascot's Ladies Day. Photo: Alan Davidson/Daily Mail

Anne, The Princess Royal (title to set her apart from all those parvenus who married into the family) wore a lot of lavender and pale gray. She looked fine, but gray is not smashing on her the way it is on Monaco’s Charlene Wittstock. Fingers crossed that next year Charlene and Prince Albert will grace the Royal Enclosure and bring some Mediterranean glam.

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